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Attempting To Create a Wilderness Container Garden


A Little Oxygen-Energy, Container Garden of Sorts 🙂

And so… how was this done?

Well… it’s been a matter of collecting lovely little plants from whence one can, placing them snugly together and watering regularly. These are placed upon a bed of natural mulch generously spread above a layer of dry, hardpan, sandy clay soil. In this small little section of approximately 18 x 18, there are over 80 varieties of fruited plants, bushes and trees, all scrunched into their little pots like recalcitrant little bonsais. They do attempt to burst their little pots, and if they protest too much, are placed into larger pots or planted elsewhere full into the earth. There are some that are too large to replant… bless their hearts… they nonetheless flourish and grow wildly with abandon, valiant survivors that they are.

It seems they do appreciate the company of one another very much, caught up in the spirit of competition as one attempts to dominate the other. Being that this is on the coast of Southern California, they are covered with shade cloth to protect them from harsher, midday rays.

They are very well loved, albeit at times, a trifle neglected. In actuality, they require very little care, but a few minutes a week. I am quite grateful to all the nurseries out there that have brought forth some of these little ones so beautifully… but maintaining their greenhouse perfection has been an impossibility without the ideal environs. I do try to purchase the sale plants besides seeding, cutting and collecting from a variety of other sources.

Container gardening saves water, but with prodigious mulch, this may become moot. And to note… most all plants in their pots are stuffed with home grown mulch as soon as they are adopted, no matter their variety. They are receive identical care and the mulch atop is usually their only food. If necessary, I might add a brew or concoction of lovely feed, but quite seldom.

This has been an experiment, and likely to remain so. What joy and refreshment this little garden provides. And now, perhaps to expand… 🙂

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